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Neuropsychometric and Learning Assessment 

Comprehensive neuropsychometric and learning assessments are tailored to the individual, by the psychologist, to suit the purpose of the assessment and identify the needs required after. A wide range of tests are used in combination to identify the best learning strategies and support required for both gifted children and those with learning difficulties. 

Psychological and Emotion Management

At Kids Dr, the in-house psychologists are able to manage all types of psychological concerns of your child, such as anxiety, behavioural difficulties, focus/concentration, emotional outbreaks and more. 

Children smiling with supplies
Eating Watermelon

Dietary Management 

Fussy eating ? 
Weight over or under the standard percentiles? 
Unpleasurable mealtime environment? 

The in-house dietitians can assist in providing personalised meal intervention to ensure a nutritious and balanced diet at mealtime. They can also help tackle fussy eating practices and introduce new and healthy foods.  

Body Posture and Movement Therapy 

The in-house orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists can assist in assessing, adjusting, and managing paediatric coordination and movement disorders. They can help in postural correction as well as musculoskeletal injuries.  

Personalised Treatment Plan
(With/ Without Medication)

At Kids' Dr, all treatment plans are tailored to each individual according to your children needs and preferences. Multi-disciplinary team is involved to give your kid the best clinical care to manage their conditions. 

Multidisciplinary Team Care

At Kids' Dr, we have a range of specialists and allied health professionals who work cohesively as a team to provide the best care for your child. They combine their wealth of knowledge to work with families in creating unique treatment plans for ongoing support and to meet your child's needs.

First Day of Kindergarten
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