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At Kids Dr, we have a
multi-disciplinary team to help manage your child's growth and developmental needs across their various stages of life. 

Some examples of conditions that can be managed at Kid's Dr:

Delay in speech milestones 

Sensitive emotional outbreaks

Difficulty in concentration and studies 

Fussy eating behaviour 

Weight and growth under/over the respective standards 

Balance and posture coordination

And more........! 

Kids Dr provides a wide range of services to assist in all kinds of needs your child may require, including: 
Psychometric and Learning Assessment 
Personalised Treatment Plan
(With/Without Medication)
Psychological and Emotion Management
Body Posture and Movement Therapy
Dietary and
Weight Management
Multidisciplinary Team Care

Cara Chillari

Psychometric Assessor

sue boursiani image.jpg

Sue Boursiani

Psychometric Assessor

Paediatric Psychologist Team

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